Excess Baggage to Cyprus

PSS the specialists for Excess Baggage Services to Cyprus, with over 32 years experience! We also ship unaccompanied baggage at unbeatable rates. We handle thousands of excess baggage shipments to Cyprus every year ranging from suitcases, surfboards, personal effects, 1 or 2 cartons to larger excess baggage shipments of 10 or 20 cartons.

Door to Door Excess Baggage to Cyprus

We offer a no hassle door to door excess baggage service to Cyprus, collecting your baggage and delivering it to your chosen destination. We provide you with boxes/cartons for your excess baggage and arrange customs clearance in the UK & Cyprus all within the one unbeatable price.

Why Choose PSS for Excess Baggage to Cyprus

We are a family run company and our aim is to ensure that you receive a friendly, professional excess baggage service to Cyprus. Our experience and expertise in baggage shipping & consignments to Cyprus is one of the reasons why we are known as the UK's 1st choice for sending baggage overseas.

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If you would like an instant excess baggage quote to Cyprus please complete the enquiry form below, alternatively please contact us on us on free phone- 0800 988 3711 and we will be pleased to help you with your excess baggage to Cyprus requirements.

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Standard Cartons
Box Carton Volume Quantity Total Weight
Tea Carton 51x40x61cm 4.4 cubic feet Total weight KG
Book Carton 46x46x26cm 1.9 cubic feet Total weight KG
Suitcase Carton


3.4 cubic feet Total weight KG
Bike Carton 147x22x96cm 10.9 cubic feet Total weight KG

Quantity Total Weight
Guitar KG
Skis KG
Snowboard KG
Computer Monitor KG
Surfboard KG
Golf Clubs KG
Tool Box KG
Picture/Mirrors KG

Please enter the 3 dimensions of your custom carton and then press Calculate which will automatically fill the Volume box with the calculated volume. If you know the volume already, only enter it directly in the volume box.

If you know your volume, Please enter below.

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