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UK Tax Refunds

UK tax refund specialists

Anyone who has worked in the UK but is leaving the country may potentially be owed tax back.

PSS can help ensure that migrants leaving the country can get back the maximum taxback refund or expenses that they are entitled to. It's well worth seeing what you might be owed, as the initial application only takes minutes and in 2014, the average refund for PSS clients was £1,005!

Why would I be owed tax back?

Anyone working in the UK is entitled to earn a tax-free allowance of £10000 (2014/15 tax year). However, Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax is deducted on the assumption that the you will work the full 12 months, so the benefit of this tax-free allowance is spread over 12 months when determining monthly tax deductions. However, if you work less than 12 months in a tax year then you are entitled to claim back the PAYE tax that you have overpaid. You will also be entitled to a tax refund if you have worked under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) system.

When can I apply for tax back?

If you are leaving the country to travel for an extended period of time, to return home, or to emigrate, or if you have already left before the tax year has finished. You may make a tax claim at any time during the financial year. What's more, you can make a tax claim for previous years (up to four years ago), at any time.

To start claiming your tax back, you will need to complete the Tax Refund Claim Form (below). These details will help us to begin assembling your application. We will get in touch after you've completed the form.

We here at PSS aim to secure you the maximum return in the shortest period of time. We also operate on a 'No Rebate, No Fee' basis and our commission is only deducted when the tax rebate is secured.

We also ensure you are refunded the maximum amount possible through reviewing previous years' tax deductions and arranging additional repayments where applicable.

How much tax back will I get refunded to me?

The amount refunded will depend entirely on your personal circumstances. However in 2013 the average refund for PSS clients was over £1,000.

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