1st Choice for moving overseas


For a smooth and efficient service, please adhere to the following requirements:

Maximum weight: 30kg per carton.
Any cartons / packages over 30 kg will incur an additional collection charge for our overweight vehicle service.

Please seal all boxes with strong tape prior to the driver's arrival, Sellotape is not suitable and should not be used.

All boxes / owner packages must be labelled with the following information prior to the driver's arrival:

  • Receiver's name (owner of belongings)
  • Destination port (not your full address)
  • PSS Reference number as shown on your quotation
  • Number of packages, including any suitcases, bags - for example, if you have 3 boxes and a suitcase, these would be marked 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc.

Please complete all paperwork prior to the driver's arrival

All documents should be completed online via our website (www.pssremovals.com) - links will be provided with your delivery or collection confirmation sent to you by your move manager. Any hard copy documents must be posted or emailed to the office and not handed to the driver. All documents are required by the time your shipment is collected to avoid additional charges; please also ensure that we have received full payment for sea freight shipments before collection - for air freight and courier shipments, a final invoice will be raised once your items have been weighed and measured in our warehouse.


USA: Mandatory: US Customs Forms 3299, Power of Attorney and Supplemental Declaration and ISF 10+2 form, Copy of Passport and Visa if applicable. Please note all forms must be signed - posted forms can be provided upon request.

Australia: Australian Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement B534 and copy of passport. A letter of authorisation will be required if you will not be in Australia when your goods arrive. If you are going to be in the country, forms can be completed upon arrival of your items

New Zealand: : If you are not going to be in the country to receive your consignment, we will need a copy of your passport, a letter of authorisation, a copy of your air ticket / itinerary showing the date of your arrival in New Zealand and a valuation of your consignment in New Zealand Dollars (this is not the same as any Standard Liability Valuation form you complete).

Canada: Mandatory - copy of your passport (photo page only), destination address and postcode

South Africa: : Mandatory - copy of your passport (photo page only), destination address and postcode


Please ensure that all items are adequately packed as we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused though insufficient and / or inadequate packing. For example, pictures / paintings must be wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard, and marked as fragile.

It is your responsibility to advise us of any parking and / or access restrictions, red/ yellow lines, parking bays etc. If parking dispensation or suspension is required, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with the relevant authorities. Any charges incurred as a result will be billed to you.