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 TOTAL VALUE to be covered under standard liability conditions at the quoted additional charge as per PSS valuation form return attached £ (Please note the minimum cover is £300 at the rate of 5%, please also complete our Valuation Form).

Standard Liability is specifically designed to cover every aspect of this transaction from the moment we pick up your goods from your UK address until we have delivered the goods at your destination home. By refusing Standard Liability the responsibility for covering every aspect of this transaction, handling, removal, loading, transport, shipment, unloading, delivery and unpacking is your responsibility and PSS can not accept any responsibility whatsoever for your personal effects. PSS International Removals and/or its agents will not be responsible for any misdemeanour, delay, damage, loss or anything else relating to your shipment.

All business conducted is subject to the terms and conditions printed overleaf these conditions detail your and our rights, obligations and responsibilities. To ensure these are the fairest PSS has based its terms and conditions on those of The British Association of Removers (Overseas Group) Ltd. DOOR TO PORT rates exclude destination port, unloading and customs clearance charges. DOOR TO DOOR rates are to residence within 30 miles of destination port, unless otherwise agreed. ALL RATES EXCLUDE any Demurrage, Destination Duties, taxes, cargo dues (South Africa), Quarantine Charges, Inspection/Exam Fees & Associated costs (if applicable). Transit Time to Australia & New Zealand by sea is 8-12 weeks to arrival destination port. For transit times to other countries please contact PSS office.

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Please check with office as some countries require you to be in the destination country when goods arrive at destination, some countries also require a completed Customs Form, Copy of Passport & Copy of Visa.

Directors: N.J.Witham, J.A.Witham, L.J.Witham, J.L.Moynes. Registered in Cardiff No. 1612367 Proprietors: Kellex Limited

All business is transacted subject to our Standard Trading Conditions available on request