Author: Hugh Dixon

The ultimate list of reasons for moving to New Zealand

Why so many people are choosing to live New Zealand and you should too… There is certainly no shortage of great reasons to move to New Zealand (or Aotearoa to use its Native Maori name). If you’ve ever whiled away long dreary afternoons wishing you lived somewhere more beautiful, exciting or with more opportunities, then look no further! New Zealand has always been a popular destinations – especially amongst more discerning migrants looking for more than just sunshine. NZ always features highly on the PSS National UK Migration Survey and for the past 3 years New Zealand has been...

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45 Great Reasons to Move to Australia

Why live in Australia? There are more reasons than you could imagine…here’s our guide to all the amazing reasons why you should you to move to Australia! Australia…they call it “the lucky country” and if you’ve ever visited and then dreamed of moving to Australia, then you’ll know why. There are many reasons to move to Australia. It’s an incredibly special place and perhaps due to it’s sheer size, it’s one of the most diverse and exciting countries in the world when it comes to landscapes, flora and fauna. It’s a country which prides itself on being fair and...

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21 Great Reasons to Move to Spain in 2019

Why not live in Spain? Thousands of Brits have not been put off by Brexit and are currently migrating to enjoy the benefits of living in Spain. Is now a good time to move to Spain? Many British still think so and it will take a lot more than Brexit to put them off their dream of living in the sun. Whilst there have been some reports of Brits returning from Spain, most are still remaining and thousands more are joining them every year. Whilst Spain reports around 300,000 British registered to live in Spain, the BBC reports the...

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The 21 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Move To Australia

If you’re thinking of moving or migrating to Australia, follow these Instagrammers and you’ll never be short of inspiration! The Australian Dream is an easy sell with its beautiful beaches, sunny cities and spacious houses. But just in case you need a bit more inspiration to see you through the winter, we have scoured through Instagram for what we think are the best feeds to inspire your move to Australia. We’ve taken a selection from official tourism accounts, top photographers and travel bloggers, but also thrown in a few style, food and real estate accounts to give you a...

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What Property Can You Afford To Buy In Australia In 2018?

The recent fall in Australian property prices is good news if you’re looking to buy your first property in Australia. Moving to Australia? Here’s a look at current house prices and the state of the property market Down Under to give you a better understanding of what you can afford if and when you move to Australia from the UK. Moving to Australia is the dream of many a UK resident with the weather and relaxed way of life usually being a big factor. However, another important part of the Aussie dream for many people is having a spacious...

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