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How much does shipping to Australia cost from the UK in 2018?

The Complete Guide to All Shipping Costs to Australia From the UK – Get a Good Quote or Estimate When Moving to Australia Every year thousands of British families move from the UK to start a new life Down Under and many Australians head home after their European adventure. All need to know how much it will cost to ship their belongings, no matter whether it’s a few boxes or a full house removal. This guide will give an estimate on the price of shipping a container or part container to Australia and also detail the other costs involved...

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How Much Does Shipping to New Zealand Cost in 2018?

The Complete Guide to All Shipping Costs to New Zealand From the UK – Including How to Get a Good Quote or Estimate When Moving to New Zealand If you have come to this page you are probably wondering how much does it actually cost to ship household goods or a container from the UK to New Zealand. No matter whether you are sending a few boxes or moving your whole household contents you will want to get a quote for shipping to New Zealand and it may not be as expensive as you think. The main costs associated...

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Canada Criticised for Using Microsoft Excel to Run Migrant Lottery

It is now even harder for Canadian citizens to sponsor their UK parents and grandparents to move to Canada Canada’s new random selection system, introduced last year to make their Parents and Grandparents Immigration Program fairer, has been criticised for not being random and being potentially open to manipulation. Previously the ‘family reunification’ program, which allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens to gain permanent residence status, accepted applicants on a first come, first served basis and had waiting lists of around 7 years. A report in the Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading national daily newspaper, has revealed that...

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Exclusive Discount For Kiwis In London Members on Shipping To New Zealand & Australia – Claim Now

Did You Know That Shipping Your Personal Belongings Back To New Zealand or Australia Is Easy? And Now It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive Either! PSS International Removals is happy to partner with Kiwis In London to offer their members special discounts on all our shipping services. Many Kiwis on returning home from London, decide to leave a lot of their acquired belongings behind as they don’t want to pay the extortionate excess baggage fees that airlines charge. However, Personal Shipping Services allow you to send all your personal effects back home and you usually won’t have to pay...

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Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Currency Transfer

Knowing a little insider information can make a significant difference to how much money you receive in your new currency If you’re looking to move abroad, you’ll want to send your money overseas in the most cost-effective way possible. Our currency partner FC Exchange shares five top tips to maximise your currency transfer so that you can take more of your money abroad with you. 1)    Know the Difference of Digits When you’re looking to send your funds abroad, you’ll notice payment providers all offer different rates. While it may seem easier to send your funds through a bank, it’s...

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