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How much does shipping to Canada cost from the UK in 2018?

A comprehensive guide to shipping Costs to Canada from the UK. This article explains all you need to know to get a good quote if you’re moving to Canada.  Moving to Canada? Do you need to know how much it costs to ship to Canada or want to know how to get the cheapest shipping to Canada? Then read on! Canada remains one of the most popular countries to move to and no wonder since it ranks number one in the world for quality of life. But after making the easy decision to move to Canada you next want to...

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Dealing With Your First Few Months in A New Country

Many people take time to adjust when starting a new life overseas, but follow these tips and you’ll soon be feeling right at home
Once you’ve made the decision to move overseas you’ll have many challenges to overcome and what seems like a never ending to do list including applying for visas, finding jobs, selling your home and the logistics of moving all your belongings across the world. You may, therefore, have little time for thinking about the first few months in your new country and how you’ll adjust.

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Australia and New Zealand migration seminar gives you all the information you need to make a successful move

Have questions about migrating Down Under? Get advice from the experts. A lot has changed regarding migrating to Australia and New Zealand over the past few years. Although there are still many great opportunities, you need to make sure you are up to date with the latest visa changes so that you can safely navigate your way through the migration maze. Online forums can be helpful, but they can also be dangerous. People are keen to help, but their advice is often based on past experience which could now easily be outdated – even if they moved in the...

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How to Make Cost-Effective Regular Overseas Payments

These tips from currency experts may make a difference of hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds when you transfer money to your new home If you’re looking to move abroad, you might find that you need to move your money overseas or back home regularly. Regular bank and high street money transfer services are rarely the best option. Specialist currency providers often charge lower fees and offer more competitive exchange rates saving you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds. We’ve asked our currency partners, FC Exchange, to give you some tips on the best ways to make regular...

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How much does shipping to Australia cost from the UK in 2018?

The Complete Guide to All Shipping Costs to Australia From the UK – Get a Good Quote or Estimate When Moving to Australia Every year thousands of British families move from the UK to start a new life Down Under and many Australians head home after their European adventure. All need to know how much it will cost to ship their belongings, no matter whether it’s a few boxes or a full house removal. This guide will give an estimate on the price of shipping a container or part container to Australia and also detail the other costs involved...

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