Did You Know That Shipping Your Personal Belongings Back To New Zealand or Australia Is Easy?

And Now It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive Either!

PSS International Removals is happy to partner with Kiwis In London to offer their members special discounts on all our shipping services.

Many Kiwis on returning home from London, decide to leave a lot of their acquired belongings behind as they don’t want to pay the extortionate excess baggage fees that airlines charge.

However, Personal Shipping Services allow you to send all your personal effects back home and you usually won’t have to pay any customs duties or GST if you’re a New Zealand citizen returning home.

So relax – now you can keep all your Ikea furniture and Camden Market bargains!

The shipping process is very easy:

  • Call PSS on 020 8253 0022 or email and don’t forget to mention that you’re a Kiwis In London Member to claim your exclusive discount.
  • The PSS Team will advise you on what you can and can’t take back home (You don’t want to get on the wrong side of New Zealand MPI and have your goods held up in customs!).
  • PSS will deliver boxes and packaging materials free of charge within the M25 so you can get everything ready. Alternatively, if you’re moving house their expert packers can do everything for you.
  • PSS will help you complete the customs and insurance forms and paperwork.
  • PSS will pick up your boxes from your UK address and deliver them to port.
  • You go off travelling the world as your belongings travel back home by container ship.
  • Your belongings are delivered to your home address in New Zealand.

Shipping services offered by PSS International include:

  • Box shipping and excess baggage shipping for smaller quantities
  • Part and Full House Removals
  • Express Parcel Delivery by air
  • Car and vehicle shipping
  • Migration services – we can put you in touch with our partners for help with visas, jobs, currency transfers, pet relocation and much more.

About PSS International

PSS International is a family run business that has been providing Personal Shipping Services from the UK to New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world for over 36 years.

PSS know first-hand the pressures of moving internationally with many of our staff having migrated or lived abroad at some time in their lives. Our experienced staff can provide you with all the advice you need and remove the stress from your move overseas!

PSS International offers the highest standards of service at very affordable prices and has all the highest affiliations including BAR Overseas and FIDI Faim accreditations, so you can be assured your belongings are in safe hands.

You can also read independently verified reviews of PSS International here.

About Kiwis In London

Kiwis In London is the ‘go to’ social network for all Expat New Zealanders wanting help and advice on living in London or simply wanting to connect and socialise with fellow Kiwis.

Beginning as a Facebook Page (now with 72,000 followers), Kiwis In London now have an active Facebook Chat Group and website. They have negotiated many discounts for London based Kiwis with everything from bars, restaurants and of course shipping your stuff home with PSS International!