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Why live in another country?  10 reasons to move abroad

There are a whole host of reasons why people decide to move to another country. Living overseas can offer new opportunities, new lifestyles, new careers and a new direction. Here we look at some of the best reasons to hop on that plane and discover an exciting and different way of living.

It’s character building:

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There is certainly no other experience that’s going to test you like turning up in a new location and starting a new life. But that’s the exciting part. New experiences, new friends, new memories. If you want a new you, moving country is a great way to do it.

Enhancing Your Career:

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If your ultimate aim is to improve your job prospects, living abroad can revolutionise your prospects. You could reinvent yourself with an entirely different career or quickly progress up a ladder not available to you previously. Either way it will look great on your CV and might just make your work day a pleasure rather than a chore.

The culture shock will be of the very best kind:

barbara w afternoon.

Even if you arrive in a country where they speak the same language as you, nothing will prepare you for the change in culture. Everything from what breakfast you eat to the time you go to work can be different. Embrace the changes, embrace the lunchtime siestas, and make the most of your new location.

You’ll change your tastes:

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There’s nothing like exposure to new foods, design and locations to give your firmly held beliefs and values a good shake up. This is a good thing. Challenging those tastes with a different outlook can help you understand who you are and give you a new zest for life.

It will be rewarding:

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Very few people go abroad and say it just wasn’t the worth the effort. Even if you don’t stay in your new location forever the experience will stay with you and you’ll have plenty of new memories and stories to tell your family and friends.

Your family will thank you for it:

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Whilst the initial move may be difficult for everyone involved, the new opportunities will be bountiful. Children will make new friends, you’ll find a great job and gain new hobbies. What’s not to thank you for?

Developing social skills will be beneficial:

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Awkward situations are guaranteed in a new location. Making new friends and fitting in at work can be tricky at the beginning. Learning to override the difficulties will only give you more confidence, which is something you’ll never regret.

You’ll find new friends everywhere you go:

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It may be lonely at first but making new mates is one major benefit of living overseas. Meeting people with different life experiences to you will make for an interesting time. It will also help you fit into the new location.

Learning a new language is a great life skill:

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Arriving in a new country and having to quickly learn how to converse in a different language can be challenging but fun too. In fact, you’ll learn it much quicker and it will be much more interesting than picking it up from a book.

It will change your life one way or another – forever:

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Even challenging experiences help build us as people and there will be plenty of those along the way. You can also expect plenty of life affirming moments that you’ll simply never forget. New dawns, new jobs, new friends and new relationships are all great reasons to embrace the dream.

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Where To Reap The Rewards As A Career Expat

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Corporate Traveller, Business People

Corporate Traveller, Business People

Moving around the world, to further career prospects is one of the main reasons people leave home and start a new life in another country.

A new global survey by HSBC, Expat Explorer Achieving ambitions abroad talked to 27,000 expats in 190 countries and territories. Their subsequent report, which has just been published, produces some key findings about jobs and careers around the world. So if you’re thinking of changing jobs and countries this year, take a look at the information below to find out what your best options are:

Singapore comes tops as the best country to live, work and bring up children.

Of those surveyed:

– 73% of expats in Singapore feel confident about the local economy

– 62% of expats living in Singapore say they are earning more than they would in their home country.

– 60% of expats living in Singapore say they can save more money than they did in their home country.

– 62% say it’s a great place to progress their careers and 58% say it’s a good place to start a business.

– Expats living in Singapore are also likely to enjoy higher incomes: USD139,000 per year on average, compared to the global average of USD97,000.

London and New York are attractive to expats looking to boost their careers

Of those surveyed 71% of expats working in the two cities say it will boost their careers and improve their job prospects when they go home.

Expats in Hong Kong, Dubai, Zurich and Shanghai enjoy the best financial rewards

65% of expats moving to Dubai or 68% of those from Hong Kong say their disposable income has risen, compared with 56% globally.

.. that said, if you want to earn the most money… move to Zurich

Head to Switzerland where 44% earn more than USD200,000 per year, compared with a global average of 11%. Shanghai expats also have good salaries, with 30% reporting an income of over USD200,000.

Millennials want to change careers and move abroad to do it

22% of expat millennials (aged 18-34) move to find a purpose for their career. Those heading to Japan (22%), Taiwan (22%) and UAE (20%) were the most popular destination for those searching for a better career purpose.

…. they also embrace the lifestyle to improve their career prospects with 37% saying this was a reason to move. 49% say they earn more in their host country and 45% say job security is better.

Expat finances thrive in the Middle East

If you’re hoping to increase your salary as well as your career prospects head to the Middle East. The report found that the highest levels of disposable income were in Qatar, Bahrain and UAE. This allowed expats to save the most money.

–  77% in Saudi Arabia, 70% in Oman and 65% in Bahrain say they are able to save more than at home, compared to the global average of 53%.

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