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All Non -ToR clearances will incur a customs entry fee of £35; shipments cleared by payment of duties and taxes will also incur a 15% / min £25.00 outlay fee on the duties and taxes payable

In most cases, your shipment will be cleared at the port, therefore we must be in receipt of all necessary documentation and information at least 2 weeks prior to the vesselís arrive to ensure timely clearance of your shipment. Clients are advised that non-receipt of relevant documentation / information will result in unnecessary port storage and / or associated fees being charged to their account.

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All deliveries will be between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Deliveries on Saturdays are available at additional cost and subject to availability. Clients must ensure that someone is available to take delivery on the date and time agreed, otherwise re-delivery charges may apply. Removal shipments are paid up to 1st floor residences with good access, unless special arrangements have been made with origin agent. Additional charges will apply if any of the following are applicable: delivery above 1st floor, delivery via lift / elevator, delivery via external hoist / lift, long carry from vehicle to door, delivery to more than 1 location, delivery of out size items (pianos / safes etc.) which be reasonably handled by 2 men. Pianos will be delivered to ground floor only. Consignees are required to make suitable parking arrangements if there are single or double yellow lines, red route, residential parking etc. outside their residence. All parking fines received will be charged to clients account. Normal removal delivery services include removal of debris on the delivery day only, if you require our services to remove debris at a later date this will be chargeable.