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Declaration of Cleanliness

Most countries have strict quarantine regulations and it is a requirement that all goods are cleaned thoroughly and preferably disinfected before goods are shipped.

These regulations impose very strict controls over any goods exported from the UK.

  • All Shoes to be thoroughly cleaned and packed together in clearly labelled cartons
  • All Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers, Garden Furniture, Brooms, Golf Clubs, Camping Equipment, Bicycles, Gardentoys, Swings etc, also items used with animals such as saddles and riding tack must be cleaned thoroughly and preferably sprayed with government approved disinfectant, also clearly labelled as they may require inspection on arrival
  • No food items should be sent
  • All Motor Vehicles, Bikes, or anything with wheels must be Steam/Power Cleaned

Agriculture and Quarantine inspection fees are always excluded from our quotations and are the responsibility of the owner of the goods. Please be aware that in extreme circumstances your goods may be refused entry and the container returned to the UK. In such circumstances, any additional costs will be the responsibility of the consignee or owner of the goods.

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Item Details of measures taken to ensure cleanliness Disinfectant used

I hereby certify that the information supplied by me on this sheet is true and accurate

Signed: *    Date: *

Declaration              You must sign (A) and (B) as appropriate.

(A) I have read and understood the information given above. I accept that all charges for Agriculture or Quarantine inspection and any costs associated with any actions ordered by such authorities will be for my account.

Signed:    Date:

(B) I have taken measures to ensure the cleanliness of items in my shipment, and have detailed the items and these measures on the enclosed list.

Signed:    Date:

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