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Personal Shipping Services

Unit 6 Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Mill Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 4PS

Tel: 020 8686 7733
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Please arrange my/our removal for UK packing/collection on the following date/s:

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 We require written instructions 7 days prior to storage expiry date to extend the storage period.

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 Bank Transfer Please ensure you include your quote reference number in your remittance NATWEST sort code 51-50-03  account no. 18902820

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All business conducted is subject to the terms and conditions available on website these conditions detail your and our rights, obligations and responsibilities. Your attention is particularly drawn to Clauses 4, 7 and 9 to 11 of the contract terms, which set out our liability to you for loss of or damage to goods and property, the time limit for claims, and our policies regarding cancellations. To ensure these are the fairest PSS has based its terms and conditions on those of The British Association of Removers. I/We confirm acceptance of this estimate and the have read and understood the conditions of business printed overleaf. I/We agree to ensure full payment is received by PSS prior to commencement of removal from the UK address (unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing by PSS).

 For those customers not paying their deposit by card or bank transfer I/we enclose a cheque for £350 deposit.

 By typing your name in the electronic signature field you are accepting our estimate and agree to be bound by the companies terms and conditions of business.

 Please check with our office as most countries require you to be in the destination country when goods arrive at destination,  some countries also require a completed Customs Form, Copy of Passport & Copy of Visa.