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PSS International Removals have specialised in shipping cars to the USA for over 32 years and we are proud of our reputation as the UK's first choice for shipping motor cars to the USA.

At PSS, we believe it is essential that when you are shipping your Motor Car to the USA you have peace of mind in knowing that your motor car will be handled by professionals. PSS International Removals are fully bonded members of the British Association of Removers (BAR Overseas), IMMI (International Movers Mutual Insurance). PSS are also members of FIDI (FIDI Global Alliance); we have also been awarded with FAIM accreditation which is the international removal industries quality standard.

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  1. USA Vehicle Import & Customs Requirements
  2. Car shipping options
  3. Transit cover
  4. Shipping Times & Booking
  5. Steam Cleaning & Inspection
  6. Arrival

1. USA Vehicle Import Requirements

Before you decide to import a Motor car or vehicle into the USA, you must ensure that they comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, motor cars manufactured abroad must conform to USA safety, bumper, and emission standards. Both agencies have very detailed compliance requirements that can make importing a motor car or vehicle difficult, if not impossible, for some vehicles, which were not originally intended or manufactured for the U.S. market.

Less than 25 years old

Nonconforming motor cars or vehicles, which are less than 25 years old entering the USA must be brought into compliance, re-exported, or destroyed.

Over 25 Years old

Vehicles or motor cars over 25 years old are exempt from EPA and DOT requirements, although you must still obtain and prepare EPA and DOT paperwork & must be handed to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer in order to clear your vehicle through customs.
For more information, please click USA Customs & Border protection procedures

Useful Information

Department of Transportation (DOT)

1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590

Tel- 202-366-4000
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W

Washington, DC 20460

Tel- 734 214-4100

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2. Car shipping options to the USA

There are many options available when you are shipping your motor car to the USA depending on the type of motorcar you are sending and your personal requirements. For this reason, we offer all of our customer's professional guidance and expert advice, from your first contact through to your motor car arriving in USA. Your motor car can be shipped to the USA in its own sealed container or we can consolidate your motorcar with your household effects inside a sealed container. This combined service for cars to the USA entails carefully loading & securing your car, building a purpose built frame, over crating vehicle and safely loading your household goods inside the container. The recommended types of containers available for shipment of motor cars to USA are 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers.


If you wish to combine your household removal and your motor car inside your own container to USA, we would position a container at your residence on your removal day and carefully load, secure and over crate your motor car inside the container as mentioned above. The remaining space inside the container would be utilised by loading and stowing your professionally packed household effects. Your container will be sealed at your door with a customs type seal, your sole use container would then be returned to the UK port and custom terminal ready for loading on to the vessel for shipment to the USA.

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If you would prefer to have a separate container for your motor car or if your vehicle is the only item you are sending, this can easily be arranged based on your requirements. A motorcar container can either be positioned at your, residence, PSS warehouse or shipping line container depot and shipped through to the USA. (We can provide you with separate quotations for the above options & can include either, handout of your motor car at our USA warehouse including Customs clearance or handout at the port terminal including customs clearance)

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This service is only available to some ports in USA and would entail you delivering your motor car to the dockside container base. Your motor car would be driven on to the vessel, parked and secured ready for shipment to USA. (Handout of your motor car at the port terminal and does not include customs clearance)

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We recommend that you discuss your requirements with one of our motorcar consultants and obtain a free no obligation quotation.

3. Transit cover for your motor car to the USA

Every precaution is taken to ensure your motor car arrives in the USA safely and in the same condition, that it left the UK. Nevertheless, it is advisable to cover your motor car while it is in transit. We have specifically designed a Standard Liability protection for your motor car, which covers major risks of loss or damage. The Standard Liability cover is backed by AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance, and is based on the conditions recommended by the British Association of Removers LTD. The protection commences as soon as we take receipt of your motor car at your residence, PSS warehouse or container base. When we take receipt of your motor car, we will complete for your protection a car condition report detailing the pre shipment condition of your motor car.

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4. Transit Times & booking your Motor car to the USA

We offer regular shipping schedules for motor cars to the USA and the approximate transit times to the West coast of the USA are 3-5 weeks & the East coast of USA 2-4 weeks. Once you have placed a booking for your motor car to be shipped to the USA we will acknowledge your booking and confirm your vessel, sailing date and arrival date in the USA. We also offer you the facility of tracking your shipment online via our website. We will prepare and send your shipping documents so they are ready to be presented to the USA Customs and Quarantine.

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5. Steam Cleaning of motor cars to the USA & Quarantine

All motor cars imported into the USA are required to be clean prior to shipment and will be subject to inspection upon arrival. This is to prevent the entry of diseases, noxious weeds and insect pests into the USA; consequently, we recommend that all motor cars are steam cleaned before they are loaded, paying special attention to the underneath of the motor car (wheels, tyres, wheel arches, engine compartment). If accepted this may save you a lot of time and additional expense. Unfortunately if Quarantine are not satisfied that the motor car is in an acceptable condition to be used on the USA roads they may insist that steam cleaning or fumigation be carried out again which will incur an additional fee. The fees are assessed locally and dependant on the condition of your motor car.

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6. When Your Motor Car Arrives in the USA

When your motor car arrives into the USA, you will be contacted by our USA office regarding your clearance to ensure that we have all of the paperwork required to present to customs in the USA. Once your motor car has been cleared by the USA customs, we will contact you to discuss your requirements & make reservations to hand over your car.

This information is meant as a guide only and is correct at the time of writing however, PSS cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies in this information and we always advise our clients to check with the appropriate government departments listed on our website.