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When you are moving overseas from the UK, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy international removal company that can take care of everything for you. At PSS International removals we have specialised solely in international removals and shipping for nearly 40 years.

Our clients have absolute confidence in our expertise, experience and professionalism, and know that we provide an outstanding service that's fast, affordable and reliable. The result is that PSS is now regarded as the first choice for anyone moving from the UK to almost any overseas destination.

We are honoured members of the FIDI Global Alliance and accredited by FAIM quality standard, the only quality standard in the overseas removals industry. In addition, we are financially bonded by the British Association of Removers Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme.

Every year we successfully handle thousands of moves for individuals and families to destinations around the globe. From the first phone call to the moment you arrive in your new home, we provide a bespoke service for moves to most countries. As worldwide movers, no matter where you're relocating to, we can help.

International Removal Service

Our high profile in the international moving industry and the large volume of overseas removals we handle every year allows us to offer substantial savings on our rates for shipping/freight, transport and destination services. This enables us to give our customers who are moving house internationally, the best service available at highly competitive rates.

We recommend using our free, no obligation, removal quote service. We can also send one of our experienced estimators to visit you free of charge, ideally between 3 to 6 months before your intended departure. It's quick and simple to organise either a free online international removals quote or a free estimator's appointment.

Alternatively we can also offer you an international removals quotation via a home video survey - just walk us around your home with your mobile phone.

If you're planning to send either part or all of your household contents overseas, this is classified as a removal. This can range from just 1 wardrobe and 20 cartons, a lounge suite and 40 cartons, right up to a full household move including all your furniture and effects such as beds, tables and chairs, curtains etc.

If we are consolidating the household contents and your car inside one container, this would still be classified as a removal. PSS can offer you a complete and successful removal service, with either a self-packing or professional packing option.

PSS depots are located throughout the UK and our fully trained estimators and export packing crews cover all locations. Specialist office staff are on hand to catering for all aspects of your international move, along with our friendly move coordinators who will gladly use their extensive knowledge and experience of shipping and international removals to guide you through the process.

The aim of our whole team is to ensure you have a stress free move. So, whether it's professional export packing of your possessions, customs procedures, advice on what to take, advice regarding quarantine inspections, shipment protection, storage both in the UK and at your destination or, delivery & unpacking at your destination, the PSS team are here to help.

International furniture removals

If you are moving furniture overseas you will want to ensure it is properly taken care of. Shipping furniture abroad requires much more care than when moving house domestically. Our professional movers and packers are fully trained and very experienced in packing furniture and other valuables for international moves.

Items of furniture are export wrapped and high quality cartons are used for safely packing smaller items. We also offer custom wooden crates for antiques and other delicate valuables.

A Guide to International Removals from the UK

How do international removals work?

As you have probably guessed there is a lot more to moving internally than moving within the UK. But don't worry - we assign every customer a dedicated Move Manager to take care of every step of your removal so you can so you can sit back and relax.

International house moves are very different than domestic moves within the UK as there are far more things to consider and organise, this is where an international removal and shipping specialist can take this pressure off you.

The differences range from planning your moving date as well as your shipping date to coincide with your arrival in the country you are moving to. In addition it is essential that the removal company has specialist experience in international removals and shipping, the importance of this can again range from ensuring that your furniture is professionally export packed using the correct export strength materials, your goods are labelled and inventoried correctly for customs at your final destination, also to ensure that trusted reputable shipping lines are used as well as having the peace of mind, knowing that your shipping documentation is being professionally handled by an experienced personnel.

Overseas removals and shipping

Moving globally is no problem for PSS! We help many thousands of people move to overseas destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. For large international moves we arrange for a 20ft or 40ft shipping container to be delivered to your home, where our expert international removalist team will ensure your furniture and other valued are carefully wrapped and packed for the voyage.

We will talk you through all the shipping documentation and handle customs clearance for you before delivering your household goods to your door.

Removals to Europe from the UK

European removals are usually undertaken by road transport. We have a dedicated load service for large removals and a part load ore shared service for smaller moves.

As members of the exclusive European Movers Partnership (Euromovers) and Demeco International, we are able to offer cost effective and quality moving services to many destinations across Europe. Therefore, no matter whether you’re moving to the popular Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Portugal or Italy, the large EU countries such as France and Germany, or further afield to Poland, Hungry and the Czech Republic, we will be able to offer you a high level of service at very reasonable prices.

Box and Baggage Shipping for smaller moves

If you are moving abroad with just boxes and suitcases with no furniture then our specialist box and baggage shipping service is ideal for anything from 1 to 20 cartons/suitcases or bags.

There are two types of baggage services - Sea Freight and Airfreight/Express.

Sea freight is traditionally the more affordable option, but it is also the slowest service, ranging from 2 to 12 weeks, depending on the destination. The sea freight service is common with students, back packers and expats who are planning a move to Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.

Airfreight/Express is quicker, although you may pay more, depending on the quantity of cartons/suitcases you are sending and the destination. The transit time can range from same day to 14 days. This service is popular with our British clients who are leaving the UK, and individuals who are moving overseas on a 2-year working visa/permit.

To find out whether Air Freight, Air Express or Sea Freight would be best for your move, contact our team for expert advice.

If you are looking to send slightly smaller consignments of between 1 and 20 cartons/suitcases or bags then you may require Excess Baggage Shipping or Airfreight service click here.

Moving overseas with your car or other vehicle

If you are taking a vehicle with you when you move abroad, we can help. At PSS we have the experience and expertise to move your vehicle with the minimum of fuss and at a price that's affordable. We offer a service that allows you to combine your household removal and your car inside a single container, rather than transporting the two separately.

We also offer car-only shipping services, along with a roll-on-roll-off option. Further details about these services can be found on our Car Shipping page.

How much do international removals cost?

Naturally the cost of your overseas move depends greatly on how much you are taking and where in the world you are moving to. However, you may be pleasantly surprised at how cheap some international removals are as popular destinations for people moving to from the UK often benefit from economies of scale.

Also at PSS we undertake thousands of international removals every year. We have the process down to a fine art and have been able to negotiate very favourable shipping rates so we can pass savings onto our customers.

The best way to get a removal estimate is to use the cost calculator on this page. When you are ready, we can offer you a home or video survey to give you a more accurate price and discuss your individual needs.

How long do international removals from the UK take?

International removals can take anything from 1 week to 12 weeks depending on a number of factors including your destination and shipping method.

If you are using a full shipping container or dedicated load for road transport then your removal will be quicker.

However, for smaller removals overseas, where you are sharing a shipping container or lorry, a longer time will be needed to allow for the load to be consolidated.

For international house moves you also need to allow time for customs clearance at your destination and this can vary depending on the country and region.

Do I need international removals insurance or shipment protection?

For international removals and shipping it is highly recommended that you have an overseas removals insurance or shipment protection cover.

Whilst our expert packers ensure you belongings and furniture are professionally export wrapped and packed, and we use accredited shipping lines, it is wise to take out additional protection as a precaution.

Due to our exceptionally low claims rate we can offer you very good value Shipment Protection Cover through Basil Fry and Company – the UK’s leading insurance company for international movers and shipping.

Your Move Manager can discuss the options for protecting your belongings with you. Shipment protection cover costs around 3% to 5% of the value of the goods you declare depending on which country you are moving to.

Accredited as one the world’s best international removals companies

At PSS we are a dedicated family run business who really take pride in caring for our customers and providing the best possible international removal service in the UK.

We are not only members of the FIDI Global Alliance and accredited to the FAIM standard, but were also recently awarded FIDI's ‘Top Performer’ status due to the exceptionally high standards we operate to.

We are also member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) Overseas Group which is not only recognised by Trading Standards, but our customers are protected by the BAR Advanced payment Guarantee Scheme.

Other associations we are members of and recognised by include the International Association of Movers, the Movers Traders Club, the European Movers Partnership (Euromovers) and Demeco International.

In short, when you choose PSS, you’ll be moving with one of the world’s most highly regarded international removal companies.

What do I need to do about customs clearance and do I need to pay customs duties on my household goods?

As part of our international removals service we take care of customs clearance for you so you don’t need to worry!

Customs and quarantine requirements vary considerably when you move abroad, depending on the country that you are moving to. Australia and New Zealand can be very strict, whereas the situation in Europe is subject to change. However, no matter where you are moving internationally, our specialist international removal consultants and overseas removalists will be able to guide you through the process.

For most countries you are not subject to duties or taxes on household goods and personal effects, if you are a returning national who has been away for over 12 months or you are a migrant moving to the country.

Check out our customs information guides for more information on the country you are moving too.

Where in the UK and Ireland do you do international removals from?

As one of the largest UK international removals companies, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have service depots and removal crews stationed near every UK region including London and the south east, Birmingham and the West Midlands, Manchester and the north west, and Newcastle and the north east.

But we also have teams in the south west, north and south Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland.

In fact, we have an international removals team near you, wherever you are in the UK.

What if you need storage services for your international move?

If your new house is not quite ready, you can take advantage of our international storage services. We have storage facilities both in the UK and at destinations worldwide. We can therefore take care of your belongings until you are ready to take delivery.


We offer and highly recommend a FREE NO OBLIGATION survey of your removal requirements between 3 and 6 months prior to your intended move. One of our experienced estimators will visit your home to assess the volume and packing requirements of the household goods you are intending to take. At this stage you can request a second estimate which excludes certain items, thereby enabling you to ascertain the cost effectiveness of sending those items, customers have found this part of our international removal service very useful.

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