Get a quote for the cost of international removals to Germany from the UK. Our services include moving furniture and boxes to any location in Deutschland.

If you are looking to move your personal belongings to Germany in 2023 or looking for more information about removals to Germany from the UK then you are in the right place!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the international removals process, including estimated removal costs and answers to frequently asked questions.

PSS International Removals specialise in assisting families and individuals by moving household contents of their house to Germany hassle-free.

We undertake full household removals to Germany as well as moving personal effects and vehicles to Berlin, Munich, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne (Köln), Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and more.

Removals to Germany are easy with PSS

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Help and Advice

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Your belongings packed and shipped

Our specialist export-packing team will take care of everything for you.

Customs clearance & delivery to your new home

On arrival our agents will handle your customs clearance and deliver to your door.

 Furniture Removals to Germany from the UK

PSS International Removals are one of the UK’s leading and most trusted international removal companies. In fact, we only undertake overseas moves. Due to the number of people we help move to Germany every year, we can offer the best prices and still maintain high standards of service.

So if you are looking for the best international removal company for furniture removal to Germany look no further!

We’ll take the stress out of your overseas removal services to Germany so you can relax and focus on starting your new life.

If you wish to get an immediate estimate of your removal costs then use our online international removal calculator to get a guideline price.

Alternatively, for a more accurate quotation, you can book a Home or Video Survey with one of our International Removal Surveyors.

If you require more information about removals from the UK to Germany see our complete guide and FAQ section below. Or you can call our team for a free consultation with an International Removals Adviser.

International Removals to Germany from the United Kingdom

Our Germany Removal Service includes:

  • Door to door removal service
  • Removal from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in Germany
  • Free home/video survey
  • Part load (shared) or dedicated lorry service
  • Advice from an expert International Removal Consultant
  • Dedicated Move Manager
  • Help with documentation
  • Advice on German customs requirements
  • Use of recognised accredited shipping lines
  • Tailor-made shipment protection policies
  • Frequent sailing schedule and delivery to all destinations in Germany
  • Storage facilities in UK or Germany if required
  • Low prices without compromising on service

Mover and Packer Services Include:

  • Full international export standard packing & wrap service
  • You pack, we send ooption
  • Fully trained export packers
  • Provision of export quality boxes, cartons & packing materials
  • Custom wood casing/crates if required
  • Professional antique wrapping
  • Advice on preparing your items for transport to Germany

We provide expert packing services for moving to Germany. Our packing team have years of experience and will ensure that your goods are in perfect condition when it arrives from the UK. This service is particularly important for expensive items, delicate items and furniture.

Whether you need furniture removals to Germany, large household removals or small international removals, our team will be able to help. You will be guided through the removals process by a dedicated moves manager who will assist you throughout the move.

We also provide luggage shipping services to Germany, as well as box shipping.

“Why choose PSS International Removals in 2023?”

  • Free home survey
  • Family run business for over 40 years
  • We only handle Overseas Removals
  • Members of BAR Overseas Group
  • BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme
  • FIDI Global Alliance (Worldwide Moving Association)
  • FAIM Accredited (Removal Quality Assurance Standard)

Removals from UK to Germany Reviews

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International removals to Germany cost calculator

Want to know how it will cost to move house to Germany? Our Germany removals cost calculator will give you a free quote and will help you calculate the volume of household goods you want to send and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

removals to germany from the uk

Moving to the UK?
Removals From Germany to the UK

We can also help you if you’re moving to the UK from Germany. Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

How can we help? Call 0800 988 3711

Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions.

Complete Guide for International Removals to Germany from the UK

Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about overseas removals to Germany. There is a lot to consider which is why we allocate you a Move Manager to guide you through the whole removal process.

Before You Move

Part load removals or dedicated load service for moving to Germany?

Most people who move to Germany use our part load removal service which is especially useful for small removals. You will save money as it enables you to share the costs and benefit from economies of scale. This service does however take longer to arrive.

Your belongings are loaded onto a removals van or larger European road train to be sent via road freight to your destination.

Alternatively, if you have a large move to Germany, you can use our dedicated or full load service. With the full load service, you will have your own lorry with a crew. This allows for greater flexibility and is a lot faster. However, most of our customers use a part load service as it is more cost-effective.

Whether you use full load or part load, you are in safe hands with PSS International Removals.

International Removals to Germany from the UK

How are my items transported to Germany?

Where to Move in Germany?

Moving to Germany after Brexit

With the UK leaving the EU following Brexit, some of the procedures for moving to Germany and Europe from the UK have now changed.

From 1st January 2021 new paperwork, documentation and customs requirements apply. Your Move Manager will be able to advise you on the latest situation and guide you through completing any necessary documentation.

We will take care of the customs clearance on your behalf in Austria, so you will need not worry. It is, however, imperative that you have the correct documents in place. Our move managers will be pleased to guide you through everything that is required.

You will need to ensure you have the right residence requirements, visa or passport depending on the nature of your stay. This will vary depending on whether you are a UK or EU citizen, or have permanent or temporary residency in Germany.

Removals to Germany from the UK

How Much Do International Removals to Germany Cost?

How Long Do Removals to Germany from the UK Take?

Road freight removal times from the UK to Germany will vary depending on whether you choose a dedicated service or a part load service. To ensure speedier delivery we recommend contacting us and booking weeks in advance of your move.

Average removal/transportation times to Germany from the UK

Method Dedicated / Part Load  Air Freight
Average Time 1-4 weeks  7-14 days


NB: These are average transportation times – actual time will depend on a number of factors.

Why Choose PSS International Removals - A Leading UK to Germany Removalist?

Moving To Germany

What Can't You Take to Germany? Restricted and Prohibited Items

How to Transport or send Furniture to Germany?

Do I Need Shipment Protection Cover or Removals Insurance to Germany?

What Happens on Moving Day?

Your Move Manager will advise you on what you’ll need to do to prepare items for moving day, including which items need cleaning and disinfecting.

Please advise us beforehand if you decide to take additional items so we can ensure that they will fit on the container and also if necessary update your quote.

On moving day our professional and friendly international movers and packers will take care of everything for you. Typically for a full house overseas removal, they begin packing furniture on day one and your shipping container will arrive for loading sometime on day two.

For part container loads we will take your packed belongings to our depot for loading onto the container.

How Are My Belongings Packed?

We offer a full service with our international removals. Our specially trained and experienced export packers will ensure all your belongings are safely wrapped using packing materials and bubble wrap, before being carefully packed before being loaded into your container. Over 1,000 miles by road from the UK to Germany is a long journey so higher standards and different techniques are needed than those used by a standard domestic removal company.

For delicate items and antiques, we have even higher grade materials including custom-made wooden crates if required.

Furniture Removals to Germany from UK

Can I Self-Pack my Furniture Removal to Germany?

It is recommended to use professional international removalists who are specially trained and experienced in export wrapping and packing for overseas furniture removals to Germany.

However, we do have an option available if you want to pack your belongings yourself.

Can I Ship my Car, Motorbike or Other Vehicle?

We are able to help you send  vehicles overseas including cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and caravans to Germany. They can be transported in the same vehicle or container as your household goods or sent separately.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when importing cars into Germany, so we suggest you speak to one of our advisers or visit our Germany vehicle page for more information.

What Documentation is Required for removals to Germany?

Arriving in Germany

Customs Clearance

When your belongings in arrive in Germany they will need to pass through customs. Requirements will vary depending on whether you are a British citizen, a non-EU citizen, an EU citizen or a national returning home.

Fortunately, as part of our service, we will handle the customs clearance process on your behalf. This will help save time.

For household removals of personal effects, depending on your status, you may not have to pay customs duty and taxes on all items.

There may be some additional charges such as inspection fees charges you need to pay to the local customs authorities. These vary and so are not included in your quote.

There will be some forms you need to complete and other documentation you need to provide as evidence.

Your Move Manager will be able to talk you through the latest situation and you can also find out more details in our FIDI Customs Guide.

Delivery of Your Items in Germany

What if I Need Storage or Don't Yet Have a Delivery Address in Germany?

This is not a problem as all we will require is a contact address and contact details. The delivery address can be advised at a later date or when you arrive.

If required, we can also arrange storage of your household goods and personal effects in Germany whilst you arrange your new home. Once you’re ready our local movers will be able to deliver your belongings.

Removals to the UK from Germany

Removals to the UK from Germany

No matter whether you’re a British Expat returning home or a German migrating to the UK, we will be able to assist you with European moves. Our partners and professional packing teams will take care of your move to Germany and we can handle customs and deliver your belongings anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Please contact us for more details.

Living in Germany

Where to get up to date advice on living in Germany?

When you are moving to Germany from the UK is a good idea to consult the UK government website guide on Living In Germany. This provides a whole range of advice on entry requirements, health, education and working in Germany.

It also provides information on any current issues you need to know about.

Buying property in Germany

When you first move to Germany it may be a good idea to rent first while you become familiar with the market and area you wish to live in. We will be able to help you store your belongings with our local partners whilst you find your property.

Purchasing property in Germany differs from the UK so make sure you seek professional advice from people familiar with the local area.

Work in Germany

Despite the current situation, there are opportunities for working in Germany. If you are fortunate you may move to Germany as an expat or on an intra-company transfer.

Having a good understanding of the local language will certainly improve your work prospects. But being self-employed or buying a business is an option.

Nowadays more people are taking advantage of remote working – basing themselves in Germany whilst keeping in touch online.

Healthcare in Germany

There is good quality healthcare available in Germany. However, you will need to check what you are entitled to or if your company provides healthcare benefits.

Otherwise taking out a private healthcare policy is a good option.