How can you get more money for your currency transfer? An exclusive offer to get VIP service from PSS’s go-to specialist currency broker


If you are transferring anything more than the contents of your kid’s piggy bank abroad, it is absolutely vital you get a quote from a specialist international money exchange company. The savings you make compared to your high street bank could pay for your whole move abroad and still have money left over for your rainy day fund (although hopefully there won’t be many rainy days where you are going).

The recent fluctuations in exchange rates mean savings can be even greater. Corpay is the best currency broker we know in the industry and specialises in getting you more for money.

At PSS International Removals, we transfer large amounts of currency every month. We have therefore tried many different services to find the one that is best for our needs and for our customers moving overseas.

For the last few years, we’ve partnered with Corpay (formerly Global Reach), which is a leading currency broker, helping people move their money abroad for property purchases, pensions, salaries, and everything in between.

Corpay has an experienced dealing team, so you will have access to a team of currency experts who can guide you through the money transfer process.

Special Offer For PSS Customers

As PSS customer, Corpay will offer you a free consultation to talk you through how they can help. By completing the form below you can also access their online quote tool with preferred rates for VIP customers.


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