Get a quote for overseas shipping to the United States of America from the UK, including our FAQ guide to shipping to the USA.

Shipping personal effects or household goods to the USA is a mighty undertaking for the inexperienced, and there are many countless factors to consider to ensure a smooth shipment. Luckily, PSS know how to make the shipping process like the back of our hand, so you’re in the right place!

Many UK expats migrating to work in the United States choose our Shipping Services to send their belongings to America. We also help many American expats who are returning home to the States after a stint in the UK.

PSS has been shipping to America from the UK for over 40 years, and not just to major cities such as Florida, New York, Washington and Los Angeles; we ship consignments to the lesser-known cities in the United States, too.

After all this time of coordinating international shipments, our priorities remain the same: to provide you with exceptional service and affordable shipping costs from the UK to America.

Our overseas shipping to the USA service is intended to make your transition to life in the USA stress-free. Whether you are shipping a small number of boxes or hoping to send your entire household contents and a car across the pond, our expert teams fully orchestrate your UK to the USA shipment, including customs clearance and assistance with documentation.

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  • We only handle overseas removals & international shipping
  • Members of BAR Overseas Group
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  • FIDI Global Alliance (Worldwide Moving Association)
  • FAIM Accredited (Removal Quality Assurance Standard)
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Shipping to the USA from the UK

From the moment you register your interest, we assign you with a Move Coordinator who will choreograph your UK to the USA shipping from a pre-home survey, right through to the unloading of your moving boxes and tea cartons.

We have been one of the UK’s leading providers of personal shipping services for almost four decades. This experience means we know what it takes to move the belongings of families, expats, travellers and students to the USA in one smooth, stress-free process.

We serve every American city and state, so we can ensure the safe delivery of your belongings no matter where you’re heading in the USA.

We ship to all 50 states in America including:
Florida, California, New Jersey,  New York, Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, Hawaii and Alaska!

We will be able to help with US customs clearance and will ensure that your personal effects will arrive safely from the UK to the USA. Whether you are looking to ship belongings to New York or California, PSS provides a high-quality service when you send items to the USA.

To ensure that you follow US customs you can also read our Air Freight prohibited and restricted items section.

The list of prohibited items to send to the USA include food, detergents, and any sort of chemicals. For a full list click on the prohibited section above.

What does our international shipping service to the USA include?

  • Door to door shipping service
  • Free home/video survey
  • Part or full load container removal service
  • Dedicated Move Manager
  • Help with documentation
  • Export quality packing materials
  • Choice of self-pack or professional packing service
  • Advice on US customs requirements
  • Use of recognised accredited shipping lines
  • Customs clearance
  • Storage in the UK or the USA if required

The costs of shipping your boxes to the USA will depend on the volume of goods you are looking to send. Use our cost calculator to find out the estimated costs of your postage to the USA.

For reliable costs of shipping to the USA, book a home survey with one of our surveyors or conduct a video survey of your items.

If you are looking to ship small parcels to the USA (less than 2kg) we recommend that you use Royal Mail or other shipping companies. If you are looking to send large shipments to the USA (such as large boxes) we will be able to provide you with a cost-effective experience.

Air Freight service is the quickest way to send boxes & baggage to the USA. For boxes or luggage to be shipped to the USA from the UK it will often take up to 3 to 10 days

Shipping to the USA Reviews

Shipping to the USA cost calculator

Want to know how it will cost to move house to the USA? Our free online shipping to USA cost calculator will help you calculate the volume of household goods you want to ship and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

Whether you are looking to ship items to New York, or anywhere in the USA, PSS has you covered!

International Shipping cost calculator

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The Ultimate Guide to Shipping to the United States

Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about shipping to the USA.

How Long Does Shipping From UK to the USA Take?

Shipping times to the USA can vary depending on the shipping option used and the end destination. Shared container shipping takes longer than a sole-use container load as different customers shipments need to be consolidated to fill one container.

Average Sea Freight Shipping Times to the USA from the UK

Port Full Container Load (FCL) Shared Container (Groupage)
New York 2-4 Weeks 7 -10 Weeks
Orlando 2-4 Weeks 7 -10 Weeks
Chicago 2-4 Weeks 7 -10 Weeks
Los Angeles 4-6 Weeks 7 -10 Weeks


NB: these are approximate sea freight shipping times to ports in the USA only. You will need to allow additional time (approx. 10-15 days) for customs clearance and final delivery to your destination.

How Long Does Air Freight Shipping to the USA take from the UK?

For sending excess baggage or boxes to the USA by air freight allow approximately 3 – 10 days.


How Much Does Shipping to the USA Cost from the UK in 2024?

Many expatriates regularly travel between the UK and their new home in the USA, so there are many cost-effective shipping options by both sea and air.

PSS bases shipping estimates to the USA from the UK on the best shipping method for sending goods to the USA. As we have large numbers of customers shipping belongings to the USA every year, we can offer very competitive shipping rates.

Shipping Costs to USA from UK 2024

Move Type Container Size Cost(GBP)
5 Large Boxes Groupage £385 – £395
1 Bed Flat Shared Container £1481 – £1948
3 Bed House 20 ft Container £8029 – £9698
4 Bed House 40 ft Container £10594 – £14625


For more accurate prices book a home survey or video survey for your shipping needs to the USA.

For an immediate estimate of the shipping cost to the USA from the UK, you can use the online cost calculator on this page. We have individual cost calculators for shipping boxes/bags to the USA and one for shipping furniture to the USA.

the cheapest option to ship to the United States is using part-load container shipping, but bear in mind that many items are more expensive to buy in the USA. Meaning the cost of replacing all of your furniture might cost more in the long-run than shipping your existing pieces.

Some items are also hard to obtain or even unavailable in the USA.

We calculate part-load shipping rates from the UK to America by the combined dimensions of your goods and the space they take up within the container.

For larger moves using FCL container shipping, we calculate freight costs to America on the size shipping container you use – 20ft or 40ft.

We also include the cost of road or rail freight from port-to-home in the USA.

Cost of air freight shipping to the USA

If you need any items to arrive in the USA in the case of urgency, we offer an air freight service.

Air freight is the fastest of our transport options, and it can be surprisingly cost-effective for smaller quantities. We base all air freight quotes on the volume AND weight of your load, so sea freight is much cheaper for consignments of more than a couple of boxes.

Your dedicated Move Coordinator will present our different shipping options to you, and you can decide whether you want the cheapest or fastest option to send your goods to the United States.

Cheapest shipping quotes to America

Whether you choose sea or air freight, we aim to offer the most affordable shipping costs to America, and this is made possible due to the sheer volume of goods that we ship and the number of customers we help move to the USA year-after-year.

If you find a cheaper quote, read the costs breakdown carefully and ensure that they include a full door-to-door service and if all extra costs are included – like at PSS!

Beware that some cheap quotes only factor in shipping to the nearest container port, which could be a substantial distance from your home. Make sure that they are a fully accredited shipping company with FIDI or BAR Overseas to get the best price and service.

Get an accurate price for shipping to the USA

The only way to receive a precise quote for furniture shipping to America is via a free home survey. Home surveys are intended to provide customers with a clear-cut and detailed quote for UK to USA shipping before they agree to our services.

A specialist surveyor can visit your home, or if preferred, we can carry out the survey via our mobile video app.

it can be conducted via our mobile video app.

What size Shipping Container do I need for America?

If your load demands a full or shared shipping container to the USA depends on the quantity or combined dimensions of your goods.

Shared Shipping Containers to the USA (Groupage)

If you have been reserved with your packing and only need to ship a small number of boxes to the USA, we load items into a shared shipping container along with the boxes of other PSS customers; this is also known as groupage service.

Our part-load container shipping (sometimes called LCL – Less than Container Load) is the cheapest way to send a single box of personal or household goods, sports equipment or small furniture pieces to America.

You only need to pay for the space you use.

Full-Load Container Shipping from the UK to the USA

For the less reserved of our customers, larger loads can be shipped to the United States using our Full Container Load (FCL) shopping option – also known as sole-use container shipping to America.

With our FCL option, PSS provides a 20ft or 40ft shipping container – depending on your unique circumstance – intended for your sole use; this is advantageous if you are sending a large family home of furniture and personal items.

A 20ft shipping container is usually big enough for the contents of the average three-bedroom house.

A 40ft shipping container is usually big enough for the contents of a four-bedroom house and a car.

the cost of container shipping to the USA from the UK depends on the chosen shipping container size. Both containers provide plenty of space, and it is entirely up to you how you decide to fill that container. the quoted cost includes a full, professional packing service.

Another benefit of sole-use container shipping to America is that your goods will leave on the next available ship bound for the USA; you don’t have to wait for other customers to fill the container.

Do I Need Marine Shipping Insurance or Shipment Protection Cover to the USA?

We highly recommend that all PSS customers take out marine shipping insurance or shipment protection before shipping household goods and personal effects to America.

Although it is doubtful to experience problems when shipping from the UK to the United States, your precious items are still voyaging a long journey over the seas, so it can’t do any harm to have that extra blanket of protection – especially for items of significant financial value.

PSS provides flexible Shipment Protection Plans that allow you to cover your whole shipment or specific items. Your Move Coordinator will explain your options and help you complete any Shipment Protection Valuation forms.

Shipping parcels and packages to the USA / America

If you are sending large parcels and packages such boxes with personal belongings to the USA then a personal shipping service such as that by PSS will be very cost effective.
For shipping small parcels and packages, it is probably best to use a post service such as Royal Mail, especially for parcels less than 2kg. However, larger packages can quickly become very expensive to post to the United States.

Customs Guide for shipping personal effects to the USA

Imports are duty free if goods consist of used household effects which have been in the owner’s use and possession abroad for at least one year, and which will keep on being used by the owner in the new residence.

Shipper must have arrived in U.S. by the time the goods arrive. Failure to comply will result in clearance delays and possible additional charges at the port.

To help you, we recommend you download and carefully read our FIDI Customs Guide for the United States.

What Can/Can't I Ship to the USA?

the rules regarding importing goods into the United States of America are strict and uncompromising. You must carefully inspect what you can and cannot import into the country and ensure your shipment fully complies with these regulations, or risk being denied entry.

Restricted Exports to the USA where approval may be required.

  • Medicines & therapeutic drugs (must have a prescription and no more than 3-6 months supply)
  • Alcohol & wine will require a permit (importation is only allowed to certain states, please check)
  • Bamboo, wicker or cane items
  • Fishing knives and martial art weapons

Prohibited Exports to the USA:

  • Seeds, plants and dried floral arrangements
  • Raw untreated wood or bark
  • Food and meats
  • Endangered animal fur, skins, tusks or ivory
  • Firearms (purchased and manufactured outside of the USA will require a firearms permit and CANNOT be shipped with household effects, they must be shipped separately through a firearms dealer)
  • Hoverboards

For more information visit the USA Government website.

What type of shipping company should I use?

When exporting sentimental items or expensive furniture to America, you must have full confidence in the overseas shipping company you choose. there are a few pointers that can help gauge the most reliable shipping companies to the USA.

Accreditations and associations are the best signals of how trusted a company is and how safe their services are. PSS’ dedication to customer satisfaction and shipping to the USA from the UK is evident in our many memberships and industry achievements:

  • FAIM Accredited – the only globally recognised independent quality assurance standard for the international moving industry.
  • FIDI Global Alliance Members – offering customers the same superior standards in the USA as in the UK.
  • British Association of Removers Members – the leading British quality standard and ensures customers financial protection with the BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme.
  • Movers Trading Club (MTC) – Members of this organisation join together to negotiate the best service and shipping rates with leading international shipping companies. Members are therefore able to offer lower shipping rates to customers.

PSS International Shipping Services to the USA

We offer a full menu of shipping options to the States, whether you are sending personal items, furniture, extra boxes, pets or vehicles, our the USA movers have a solution ready and waiting for you:

Shipping Personal Effects to America from the UK

PSS makes shipping personal effects from the UK to America easy. Customers use our services to send even the smallest of items overseas, from makeup and toiletries, shoes and clothing, tech, sports equipment, musical instruments and beyond. there are no boundaries on what PSS will ship – provided it complies with US customs regulations.

Shipping Furniture and Household Goods to the USA

One of our speciality services is shipping large consignments of bulky furniture and whole homes worth of household goods. Extensive knowledge and expert capabilities mean PSS can ship furniture of any weight, dimensions and in any quantity from the UK to destinations across America.

Our teams of movers and packers will ensure your items are carefully export wrapped and professionally packed to reduce the chance of damage on their journey significantly.

If you want a price for our USA furniture shipping service, book your free home or video survey now, and we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Shipping Excess Baggage & Unaccompanied Luggage from the UK to the USA

Using PSS to ship boxes, luggage, suitcases and excess baggage to the USA eliminates extortionate fees issued by airline carriers and makes your journey to the USA more manageable by reducing the amount of luggage you have to haul.

PSS supplies you with industry-standard moving boxes and tea cartons in a variety of sizes, or you can use your bags or suitcases if preferred. Whether you have one box, three suitcases, or ten loads of excess luggage, our baggage shipping to the USA is an ideal and convenient service.

Shipping Boxes to the USA from the UK

If you have small – or very few – items to ship to America, we recommend our box shipping service.

We ship your boxes in a shared container with the boxes of other PSS customers, so you only pay for the space you use. We can supply a variety of moving boxes, carton sizes and packing and wrapping materials such as bubble wrap. We also have custom cartons for items such as bicycles.

Shipping Cars and Vehicles to the USA

PSS provides a range of shipping options to make car shipping to the USA feasible – regardless of your vehicle. Whether you want to send a car to the USA in a container of its own or alongside personal and household items, our vehicle shipping to America options make it possible.

In addition to shipping cars, we can assist with sending all kinds of other vehicles to the USA, including motorcycles, bikes and boats.

Shipping Pets, Dogs and Cats to the USA

Pet shipping to the USA can be daunting for any pet owners, and pet relocation is a very specialised service. therefore, we only work with trusted partners for transporting animals from the UK to America. Whether you want to take your cat or dog to the USA, you can entrust PSS and our partners to relocate them safely.

Shipping Goods and Freight to the USA

At PSS International we specialise in personal shipping services for people moving or relocating to the USA.

If you wish to ship commercial or non-personal items to America, then it is best to contact a freight-forwarder.

Express Air Freight and Fast shipping from the UK to the USA

If you need to ship items to the USA as a matter of urgency, then we recommend our priority Express Air Freight Service.

This express service takes approximately 7 – 14 days, and it is ideal if you wish to send some boxes or bags of personal belongings to arrive ahead of your household contents.

It is also commonly used by tradesmen wishing to ship tools to the USA so they can begin work immediately on arrival.

Packing your Items for Shipping to America

PSS provides two packing options, the first being a full professional packing service or if you prefer, you can self-pack with our “You Pack, We Ship” service.

Professional Packing Service

Our professional packing service allows you to kick back and enjoy the moving process without the graft. Our specialist packing team will arrive at your home on the big day to pack any necessary items.

the packing teams only use sturdy, industry-standard packing materials and moving boxes to guarantee safe delivery of goods when shipping to America. For furniture shipping, we offer a full export wrapping service, and we can provide custom-made wooden crates and antique wrapping for delicate goods.

What’s more, our packing teams create an inventory to ensure our customers and moving teams are aware of every single item that we ship to the USA.

Self-Pack Service

If you want to pack at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, you can choose our self-pack option; this is popular with PSS customers shipping a minimal number of items to the United States.

You can self-pack your items into your suitcases and bags if you wish, but PSS understands how important it is for your items to be adequately wrapped and packed before being shipped to America, which is why we still provide packing materials and moving boxes to self-pack customers.

Once you are ready, we’ll collect your boxes and deliver them to your new home in the USA.

Where in the USA do you ship to?

We have regular shipments traversing the seas to all the major AND minor shipping ports across the United States of America, as part of our door-to-door shipping service from the UK to America.

As we always try to provide you with the cheapest and fastest shipping option, we might not always ship to the USA port that is closest to your final destination, mainly if we can ship your items to another port quicker and cheaper.

Some example ports and cities that we ship to in the USA include;

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • El Paso
  • Nashville
  • Detroit
  • Las Vegas
  • Kansas City
  • Miami
  • Colorado Springs
  • Tampa