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If you are moving to Saudi Arabia or looking for more information about removals to Saudi Arabia from the UK then you are in the right place!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the international removals process, including estimated removal costs and answers to frequently asked questions such as: what can/can’t I take?; how long does shipping to Saudi Arabia from UK take?; and what size shipping container do I need?

PSS International Removals specialise in assisting families and individuals to professionally ship the contents of their household to Saudi Arabia.

We undertake full household removals to Saudi Arabia as well as international shipping for moving personal effects and vehicles to Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam and more.

International removals to Saudi Arabia are easy with PSS

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Your belongings packed and shipped

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On arrival our agents will handle your customs clearance and deliver to your door.

House Removals and Shipping to Saudi Arabia

PSS International Removals are one of the UK’s leading and most trusted international removal companies. In fact, we only undertake overseas moves. Due to the number of people we help move to Saudi Arabia every year, we can offer the best prices and still maintain high standards of service.

So if you are looking for the best international removal company for shipping furniture to Saudi Arabia look no further!

We’ll take the stress out of your overseas household removal to Saudi Arabia so you can relax and focus on starting your new life down under.

If you wish to get an immediate estimate of your removal costs then use our online international removal calculator to get a guideline price.

Alternatively, for a more accurate quotation, you can book a Home or Video Survey with one of our International Removal Surveyors.

If you require more information about removals from the UK to Saudi Arabia see our complete guide and FAQ section below. Or you can call our team for a free consultation with an International Removals Adviser.

Our UK to Saudi Arabia Removal Service includes:

  • Door to door removal service
  • Removal from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in Saudi Arabia
  • Free home/video survey
  • Shared (Groupage) or full load (FCL) container service
  • Advice from an expert International Removal Consultant
  • Dedicated Move Manager
  • Help with documentation
  • Advice on Saudi Arabia customs requirements
  • Use of recognised accredited shipping lines
  • Automated notification of shipment advice
  • Tailor-made shipment protection policies
  • Frequent sailing schedule and delivery to all destinations in Saudi Arabia
  • Storage in UK or Saudi Arabia if required
  • Low prices without compromising on service

Packing Services Include:

  • Full international export standard packing & wrap service
  • You pack, we ship option
  • Fully trained export packers
  • Provision of export quality boxes, cartons & packing materials
  • Custom wood casing/crates if required
  • Professional antique wrapping
  • Advice on preparing your items for transport to Saudi Arabia

“Why choose PSS International Removals in 2021?”

  • Free home survey
  • Family run business for over 39 years
  • We only handle Overseas Removals
  • Members of BAR Overseas Group
  • BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme
  • FIDI Global Alliance (Worldwide Moving Association)
  • FAIM Accredited (Removal Quality Assurance Standard)

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International removals to Saudi Arabia cost calculator

Want to know how it will cost to move house to Saudi Arabia? Our free online International Removal Cost Calculator will help you calculate the volume of household goods you want to ship and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

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How can we help? Call 0800 988 3711

Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions.

Complete Guide to Household Removals to Saudi Arabia from the UK

Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about moving to Saudi Arabia. There is a lot to consider which is why we allocate you a Move Manager to guide you through the whole overseas shipping process.

Before You Move To Saudi Arabia

Shipping Boxes or Luggage to Saudi Arabia

1 answer

How Much Do International Removals to Saudi Arabia Cost?

1 answer

The cost of removals to Saudi Arabia from the UK can vary considerably as it depends on many factors including where in the UK you are moving from, the volume and type of household goods you are shipping, current exchange rates and your final destination address. Howecver, as we specialise in removals from UK to Saudi Arabia and have years of experience, we are able to offer the best prices.

As members of international organisations such as the Movers Traders Club and International Movers Association, we are able to negotiate very favourable shipping rates for our customers. We pass these costs savings on to you so benefit from a cheap removal to Saudi Arabia.

We recommend you use our online removal cost calculator or speak to one of our consultants for a more accurate estimate.

When is payment due and will I have to pay a deposit?

Our payment terms are 7 days before removal day and we require a £350 deposit when booking your removal.

Are there additional charges?

All of our estimates are quoted as a door-to-door service. This service includes standard custom clearance as well as other related charges.

Are quote will not include additional costs such as customs duties, quarantine fees and some other charges which vary per removal and are payable on arrival in Saudi Arabia.

All related charges information will be clearly listed in your removals quote and explained to you by your Account Manager.

How Long Do Removals to Saudi Arabia from the UK Take?

1 answer

Sea freight shipping times from the UK to Saudi Arabia are around 6-9 weeks for a full container load (FCL) or 8-12 weeks for a shared container/groupage service (Sometimes called less than container load – LCL). In addition, you will also need to allow added time for customs clearance.

Usually, it will take our professional packers 2-4 days to pack and load a shipping container.

Why Choose PSS International Removals - A Leading UK to Saudi Arabia Removalist?

1 answer
  • UK’s leading specialist international removal company
  • Help thousands of people move overseas, including to Saudi Arabia every year
  • 39 years of experience as international removalists
  • Independent family run moving company
  • Fully accredited to the highest standards for international moves
  • Achieved FIDI FAIM Top Performer Status
  • Long serving removal staff with knowledge and expertise
  • Staff training by BAR and FIDI
  • Members of the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme

Where in Saudi Arabia Do You Do Removals to?

1 answer

We do removals from anywhere in the UK (including London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) to all destinations in Saudi Arabia including:

Removals to Ontario and Central Saudi Arabia

Including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, Kitchener & London

Removals to Quebec

Including Quebec City, Montreal & Gatineau.

Removals to Alberta

Including Edmonton & Calgary

Removals to British Columbia and the West Coast of Saudi Arabia

Including Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna & Surrey

Removals to The Prairie Provinces

Including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina

Removals to the Atlantic Region and East Coast of Saudi Arabia

Removals to Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia (including Halifax, & Cape Breton Island)

Removals to the North of Saudi Arabia

Including Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

How to Get an Overseas Removal Quote?

1 answer

You can use our online cost calculator to get a quick estimate for your house removal today.

However, for a more accurate quote, we recommend you book an appointment for a Home Survey or Video Survey with one of our International Removal Consultants.

Not only will they be able to calculate your volume, but they will also provide free expert advice on packing requirements, the shipping process, customs and what you should and should not take.

Moving To Saudi Arabia

What Can't You Take to Saudi Arabia? Restricted and Prohibited Items

1 answer

Saudi Arabia has some strict rules about what can and cannot be imported. This includes the usual contraband that you might expect, but can also cover consumer goods allowed in some countries but banned in Saudi Arabia for health and safety reasons.

It is therefore important you check the Saudi Arabia customs website to avoid any potential problems when your goods arrive.

Even for restricted goods inspection fees can apply.

For more details download our customs guide for removals to Saudi Arabia.

You can also find more information about importing personal effects into Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Arabia Border Services Agency website.

Restricted Exports to Saudi Arabia where regulatory requirement is required:

  • Baby gates
  • Car seats
  • Cribs, cradles and bassinets
  • Hockey helmets and face protectors
  • Lighters
  • Playpens
  • Strollers
  • Endangered animal fur, skins, tusks, ivory etc. (With CITES certificate)
  • Firearms, ammunition and accessories
  • Knives and daggers (even for sport)
  • Martial art swords or weapons

Prohibited Exports to Saudi Arabia:

  • Baby walkers
  • Balloon blowing kits
  • Drugs, narcotics and stimulants
  • Infant self-feeding devices
  • Jequirity beans
  • Lawn darts with elongated tips
  • Plants
  • Relight candles
  • Yo-Yo balls with long cords
  • Original pine cones or any plant matter used for Christmas decorations or wreaths
  • Raw untreated wood or bark
  • Endangered animal fur, skins, tusks or ivory (without CITES certificate)

Artwork and Antiques

If the artwork / item is over 100 years old proof of age will be required. The shipping of such items are eligible for duty free entry.

Please note: antiques and artwork imported into Saudi Arabia for resale are subject to different regulations

Do I Need Shipment Protection Cover or Marine Removals Insurance to Saudi Arabia?

1 answer

As PSS are members of BAR your removal costs are covered by the BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme. As a member of FIDI Global Alliance and having achieved FIDI FAIM top performer status, you can be assured that PSS and our partners in Saudi Arabia have the highest standards of professionalism in international moves.

However, due to the nature of international removals and shipping, it is highly recommended that you take out a Marine Insurance policy or Shipment Protection Cover. At PSS we offer and recommend Shipment Protection Cover which is very flexible and has a lot of advantages.

PSS International Shipment Protection Cover

Our policy is quick and easy to set up, simply complete our Shipment Protection valuation form with the items you would like to cover and their values.

Actual costs are calculated as a percentage of the value you wish to cover. These vary depending on whether it’s self-packed or packed by professional overseas movers. Typically this varies from 3% to 5% of the value of the items you want to cover. For more information speak to one of our advisers.

What Happens on Moving Day?

1 answer

Your Move Manager will advise you on everything you need to know about your household removal. They will advise you on what you’ll need to do to prepare items for moving day, including which items need cleaning and disinfecting.

Please advise us beforehand if you decide to take additional items so we can ensure that they will fit on the container and also if necessary update your quote.

On moving day our professional and friendly international movers and packers will take care of everything for you. Typically for a full house overseas removal, they begin packing furniture on day one and your shipping container will arrive for loading sometime on day two.

For part container loads we will take your packed belongings to our depot for loading onto the container.

How Are My Belongings Packed?

1 answer

Our specially trained and experienced export packers will ensure all your belongings are speedily but carefully packed before being loaded into your shipping container. Thousands of miles by sea from UK to Saudi Arabia is a long journey so higher standards and different techniques are needed than used by a standard domestic removal company.

Furniture is export wrapped for proper protection. We also use strong double-walled cartons to pack your belongings to keep them secure for your move.

We have a variety of different sizes and types of removal boxes to meet your needs including book and bike cartons.

For delicate items and antiques, we have even higher grade materials including custom made wooden crates if required

Furniture Removals to Saudi Arabia

1 answer

For international furniture removals, items need to be wrapped and packed to a high standard to ensure they arrive at your new home in perfect condition no matter whether it’s sofas, tables, chairs or other furniture.

We use export standard packing materials and professionally trained packers who specialise in international removals to ensure your furniture arrives in perfect condition.

Our experienced team of packers and removalists specialise in international removals and overseas moves so they know how to ensure all your furniture and personal effects are packed safely and securely.

Can I Self-Pack my Furniture Removal to Saudi Arabia?

1 answer

It is recommended to use professional international removalists who are specially trained and experienced in export wrapping and packing for overseas furniture removals.

However, we do have an option available if you want to pack your belongings yourself. Just remember, if you are packing your own container, that you ensure your belongings are well wrapped and that you allow plenty of time. People often underestimate how long it will take to self-pack your container – especially when you have a lot of other tasks to complete before your move to Saudi Arabia.

What Documentation is Required?

1 answer

Your dedicated Move Manager will advise you on the required shipping documents and help you with their completion. Example documents required are:

  • Fully completed customs form for Saudi Arabia (goods to follow list)
  • Removal inventory (PSS will prepare this if PSS are packing)
  • Valuation form for Shipment Protection cover
  • Copy of your Passport and Visa
  • Purchase receipts (only applicable if you are importing any newly purchased goods)
  • Letter undertaking (not always needed)
  • Bank statements, income tax or rent receipts as proof that you have resided outside Saudi Arabia for a minimum of 12 months (only applicable for returning citizens)

Arriving in Saudi Arabia

Customs Clearance in Saudi Arabia

1 answer

When your belongings in arrive in Saudi Arabia they will need to pass through customs. This can be a complicated and difficult process if you are not familiar with international shipping and removals.

Fortunately, as part of our service, we will handle the customs clearance process on your behalf.

For household removals and shipping of personal effects, you may not have to pay customs duty and taxes on all items.

There may be some additional charges such as inspection fees and quarantine charges you need to pay to the local customs authorities. These vary and so are not included in your shipping quote.

There will be some forms you need to complete and other documentation you need to provide as evidence.

Your Move Manager will be able to talk you through this and you can also find out more details in our FIDI Customs Guide.

Delivery of Your Items in Saudi Arabia

1 answer

PSS International provide a full door to door international removal service which includes delivery of items to your new home. (Beware of cheap removal quotes that maybe to port only.)

We will contact you before your container arrives in Saudi Arabia to ensure that we have all your relevant paperwork to enable us to start the customs clearance process as well as making sure that we have your correct requirements in place for delivery.

Once the customs clearance of your goods has taken place we can then arrange your delivery and the unpacking of your goods. Our crew will arrive at your new property and place your items in the rooms of your choice and unwrap and remove the packing material. If you are not ready to take delivery then we can offer competitive storage rates for your goods at one of our local depots in Saudi Arabia.

Our delivery service with our partner removal company in Saudi Arabia includes:

  • Delivery to all locations in Saudi Arabia
  • Dedicated FIDI regulated international movers in Saudi Arabia
  • Dedicated import clerk in Saudi Arabia
  • Customs clearance
  • Up to date information on delivery & customs clearance process
  • Trained import delivery removalist team (by professional movers and packers in Saudi Arabia)
  • Unpacking of all furniture & removal of any packaging materials on the day of delivery

What if I Need Storage or Don't Yet Have a Delivery Address in Saudi Arabia?

1 answer

This is not a problem as all we will require is a contact address and contact details. The delivery address can be advised at a later date or when you arrive.

If required, we can also arrange storage of your household goods and personal effects in Saudi Arabia whilst you arrange your new home. Once you’re ready our local movers will be able to deliver your belongings.