Teddies Travels

The PSS Teddies are inquisitive little things. They often sneak into our customer's boxes while we pack up their homes, finding themselves in exciting new destinations when the boxes are next opened.

Never ones to shy from the limelight, the Teddies often send us photos of themselves in some of their favourite locations. Here are a few of our favourites...

If you've got a PSS Teddy, we'd love to see how they're getting on. Send your photos to info@pssremovals.com
Teddies Travels Poem:
The PSS Teddy finds himself in many a famous spot,
Despite his thick fur it's normally somewhere hot!
His ventures take him as far as Toronto and Timbuktu,
Famous cities, it's fair to say our teddies seen a few!
Our travelling teddy sends us snaps from wherever he may be.
After all, there's so much in the world to do and even more to see!

Ted with the PSS team in Birmingham for the rugby. Ted at the Geothermal Power station in Taupo, NZ Teds at the market in China Town Kuala Lumpur, MY Teds with the Famous Mount Taranaki Mountain in New Plymouth, NZ Teds in Rotorua, NZ Teds enjoying Business Class from Kuala Lumpur to UK Teds at lake Taupo, NZ Ted at Waikato Terraces (Thermal Pools), NZ Ted Enjoying a Beer at Miikes Brewery near New Plymouth, NZ Teds enjoying a bath at the Thermal Pools just outside Rotorua, NZ Teds in Tauranga, NZ Teds on their way to Kuala Lumpur Teds Enjoying a Hot Tub in Taupo, NZ Teds in the sunshine at Lake Taupo, NZ Teds at the Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, MY Teds in Danneverke, NZ Teds on their way to Napier past one of NZ's many gorges Ted in Wellington, NZ Ted at the National Gallery of Victoria, AU Ted in Melbourne, AU Ted in Auckland, NZ Ted seeing the sights in Melbourne, AU Ted enjoying a coffee at 7 Eleven, AU Ted eating a ice cream at Hungrey Jack's, AU Ted enjoying the View of the Waikato River on the way from Taupo to New Plymouth, NZ
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