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Moving to the USA and need to ship your belongings? Our container shipping service to the USA combines the best prices with the best customer service for both expats going home and new migrants.

For 40 years our shipping services to the USA have helped families with all of their removal needs from cars, small shipments of furniture, tea cartons and personal effects to complete home removals including the kitchen sink!

Whether you are looking to ship containers to New York, Los Angeles or anywhere in the USA, PSS will provide you with a good price and a friendly team who will help you throughout.

Shipping your container to the USA is easy with PSS

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Whether you are shipping your house contents boxes or furniture you will have our professional packing service.

Customs clearance & delivery to your new home

On arrival our agents will take care of customs clearance and deliver to your door.

Door to Door Container Shipping from the UK to USA

shipping container to USAWe offer a door to door full container shipping service to the United States of America from UK, as well as a part container (Less Container Load) shipping service to the USA to all major cities on a regular basis. PSS International Removals offer a variety of containers available for shipping goods to America. The transit times for a part load service will be longer compared to a full load service, however, it is the more cost effective option for door to door container shipping.

Depending on your individual needs our expert shipping consultants will advise you on the best container size which would be suitable for you, usually, 40ft containers but 20ft containers are also available.

Your car and household effects in one container

When shipping a container to the United States, we can combine your household items along with your car inside your own container. We would position a container at your residence on your removal day and carefully load, secure and over crate or wall off your vehicle.

The remaining space inside the shipping container would be utilised by loading and stowing your professionally packed household effects. Your container will then be sealed at your door with a customs seal, your sole use container would then be returned to a UK port ready for loading onto a vessel for shipment.

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Container Shipping to USA cost calculator

Want to know how it will cost to send goods to the USA? Our free online Cost Calculator will help you estimate the cost of the move for air and sea shipments with only a brief description needed.

Container Shipping Options:

Shared Use / Part Load:

Sole Use / Full Load:

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FAQ Guide for shipping containers from UK to the United States

Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about overseas container shipping from the UK to USA. There is a lot to consider with international moving which is why we allocate you a Move Manager to guide you through the whole shipping process.

How long does shipping a container to the USA from the UK take?

Shipping times to the USA can vary depending on the shipping option used and the end destination. Shared (part load) container shipping takes longer than a sole-use container load as different customers shipments need to be consolidated to fill one container.

UK to USA Shipping Times

Sea Freight Full Container Sea Freight Shared Container Air Freight to USA
Average Shipping Times 6-8 weeks 8-12 weeks 7-10 days


NB: These are approximate air freight and sea freight shipping times to the destination port only. You will need to allow additional time for customs clearance and final delivery to your destination.

Container shipping '

How much does container shipping to the USA cost?

The cost of shipping containers to the USA will vary considerably according to a number of factors such as exactly when and where you are from and too. Also the amount of packing required for your shipment.

To get a quick estimate you can use the container shipping cost calculator on this page.

Our shipping quotes are for a full international removal shipping service including packing, door to door delivery and customs clearance. Beware of cheap shipping rates that are only a basic port to port service which will mean additional packing costs and does not provide a full range of shipping services.

Cheap container shipping rates from the UK to the USA

We are also members of MTC (the Movers Traders Club) which provides us with economies of scale and allows us to negotiate the best sea freight / ocean freight rates with leading international shipping companies.

We are confident that we can offer you the cheapest rate to ship your container to the USA from the UK and you can be certain your belongings will be in safe hands.

To get an accurate container shipping rate we suggest you book a free home or video survey as they will be able to calculate the cost of shipping based on the volume of goods you will be sending.

How much is marine insurance or shipment protection?

We highly recommend you take out shipment protection cover or a marine insurance policy for your container.

We provide a very flexible shipment protection cover through Basil Fry & Company – the UK’s leading insurance broker for international removals and shipping:

  • Our policy is quick and easy to set up, simply complete our Shipment Protection valuation form with the items you would like to cover and their values.
  • Removal (we pack) consignments cover costs 3% of the total insurable value you declare.
  • Vehicle shipments cover costs 2% of the vehicles declared value.
  • Self-Pack (you pack) consignments cover costs 5% of the total insurable value you declare.
  • Baggage/Air freight consignments, which are owner packed, will cost 5% of the total insurable value you declare.

What size or volume shipping containers do you provide?

Shipping containers come in two standard sizes – 20ft and 40ft.

Our consultants will be able to advise you on what size meets your requirements.

We also have various shipping options to meet your needs including part load or shared containers.

Size 20ft Container 40ft Container
Cubic Capacity (Volume) 1050 cu ft (29.73 CBM) 2100 cu ft (59.47 CBM)
Internal Length 19′ 3” (5.87m) 39’5” (12m)
Internal Dimensions Width 7’8” (2.33m) Height 7’9” (2.35m)
Door Dimensions Width 7’8” (2.28m) Height 7’5” (2.26m)
Weight 2225kg 3950 kg
Cargo Weight 21700 kg 26500 kg

*Exact container dimensions and available volume may vary.

Other sizes of container are available upon request – contact us for more details.

Shared or part load (LCL) shipping containers to the USA

For smaller shipments we provide a shared or part load shipping container service. Your goods will be grouped together with those of other customers shipping to the USA so the shipping costs can be shared based on how much you send.

This is sometimes referred to as groupage or LCL (Less than Container Load).

This method of shipping is very economical, but you may need to allow for increased shipping time as the contents of the container will need to be consolidated from different customers.

Sole use or full container load (FCL) to the USA

For shipping larger amounts such as a full household removal to the USA, we can provide a container for your sole use.

We will arrange for the container to be delivered to your home where we will pack it and it will be customs sealed before heading to the port to embark for the USA.

This method of shipping has a number of advantages since you can fill your container with all your belongings.

As you have a full container for your sole use, it is also secure, economical and there are no delays in shipping – once it is full it can go directly to the ship for loading.

Which container shipping company do you use for sea freight to the USA?

PSS International Removals are accredited by BAR and FIDI. We therefore only use accredited container shipping companies such as Maersk, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd and One to transport your belongings. This ensures the highest level of service.

By using the best international shipping companies for your move to the USA, you can be assured that your possessions will be taken care of and that you will receive a reliable ocean freight service.

Also as members of many accredited organisations, such as The Movers Traders Club, we are able to negotiate very favourable rates and pass these savings onto you.

Customs clearance when importing your container into the USA

As part of our USA shipping service we will take care of everything for you from door to door. This includes exporting your container from the United Kingdom and importing into the United States.

Our shipping freight quote includes basic customs clearance but not taxes, import duties and other customs charges such as any quarantine fees.

If we pack your container for you then we will compile a customs inventory on your behalf and we will also advise you of what other shipping documents are required for customs duties.

We recommend you carefully read the FIDI Customs Guide for the USA so that you are aware of the customs process and what you can and can’t ship to the USA.

In particular, check the list of prohibited and restricted items, and the conditions for duty / tax free entry into the USA.

Shipping container services for goods or personal effects to the USA

Our container shipping service to the USA is designed for household goods, furniture and other personal effects for people moving to the USA.

If you need to ship commercial goods to the USA from UK we recommend you contact a commercial freight forwarder.

Container Shipping Ports in the USA

We ship to all ports and onward destinations in the USA from the UK with our sea freight service.

Where in the USA do you ship containers to from the UK?

PSS International Removals will be able to ship containers to all locations in the USA.

Popular destinations for Container Shipping include:

Los Angeles,

Although shipping containers to the USA may seem like a stressful process, our extremely helpful team, with years of experience will make it feel easy.

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