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Make sure you're working with the right partners

Having the right players on your team is an essential part of a successful move overseas. They can remove a lot of the stress, help you avoid the many pitfalls and save you significant amounts of money.

We are often asked to recommend the best providers for various migration services and so we have listed below our most trusted partners in the migration industry. These are the people we turn to when we are going abroad.

PSS International may receive a commission if you use any of these services, but we have negotiated special corporate rates and VIP service for our customers so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving them a click.

Currency exchange

If you are transferring anything more than the contents of your kids piggy bank abroad, it is absolutely vital you get a quote from a specialist international money exchange company. The savings you make compared to your high street bank could pay for your whole move abroad and still have money left over for your rainy day fund (although hopefully there won't be many rainy days where your going).

The recent fluctuations in exchange rates mean savings can be even greater. The three companies below are the best we know in the industry and specialise in getting you more for money.

Click below to see how much you can save on your overseas currency transfers.

Overseas Banking

If you're moving Down Under, why not organise a bank account before you leave? Our partners at Westpac are the only Australian bank with a retail branch in London where you can open an account up to 12 months before you move even if you don't have an address in Australia yet!

Click below to open an account in minutes!

Working Holiday

Working.Holiday is designed for people who are wanting to do a working holiday or gap year to Australia, New Zealand, China, Africa, Canada and more. We wanted to help embolden those which may be hesitant and inspire confidence. It was created for those who are going into the unfamiliar with all guns blazing, and for those who are wavering. We here at WH have all experienced that initial hesitancy, that self doubt, that fear, but also that excitement, that thrill and those butterflies. So, we got together with some of the leaders of the industry to arm you with all the tools, tips, offers and incentive to help you get started with your working holiday.

We can help with your visa, flights, accommodation, jobs, Internships, Volunteer work and much much more. Our Jobs board is updated daily. Read regular articles and follow us on Social Media.

"Start your story today at Working.Holiday"

Health & Travel insurance

You may be saying goodbye to the NHS but you will certainly want to ensure that you have the best healthcare cover for you and your family.

We have negotiated special rates with Bupa for their worldwide travel policy which caters for all your needs, no matter whether you are going on a business trip or leaving the UK permanently.


A little tip - you don't always get the best flight deals from the most well known flight comparison websites. Don't believe us? Well try these two travel agents, used by industry insiders to find the best prices. They even offer a best price guarantee. (And you don't even need to be a student)

Pet Shipping

There is nothing more valuable you'll want to relocate than your pets and there is only one company we recommend to do the job and that's TransFur.Animal Relocation. They are specialists in transporting pets to and from the UK and have always provided the best possible service for PSS customers.

Expat protect and Migration cover

Visa Insurance - Australia and New Zealand
Migration Cover has developed unique Insurance Policies, designed specifically for those people migrating to or recently relocated to Australia and New Zealand. The insurance covers clients who are concerned about leaving family behind, job security and much more. Our packages range from Temporary/Permanent Repatriation, to Involuntary Job Loss. All packages have Travel Insurance add-on options. Paying by the month means clients can start contributing to their credit rating, before arriving in their new country. Have confidence with your life choice with Migration Cover.

Visa Insurance - UAE - Expat Protect
Migration Cover, in partnership with Union Insurance Company, has produced an innovative package of insurance specifically for Expats in the UAE. The packages include Temporary/Permanent Repatriation, designed to return you home, if a close relative becomes seriously injured, ill, or there is a death. Coverage is also provided for the expat and their immediate family. Our Best Seller - Expat Protect - Involuntary Job Loss Package is designed to get you back to work, or permanently repatriate you back home with a range of services, including removal, airfares, and much more if you are made redundant. All our packages come with an option to add-on travel insurance. Have confidence with your life choice.

Pension Transfers

Pension Transfers Limited have specialised in transferring UK pension benefits to New Zealand since 2000. With regulated offices in both the UK and NZ, Pension Transfers ensure that you receive the best advice & service in both countries.

Visa Advice

We highly recommend you get expert advice on your visa application. It can be complicated, there are many pitfalls and it's very expensive especially when many countries do not refund fees if you are rejected.

PSS have partnered with the most recognised and regulated visa agents based in the UK and abroad. A little insider knowledge can go along way so we've arranged a free no obligation initial consultation for our customers. Just click below for more information.

Jobs Abroad

Why wait until you arrive? We can help you get started in your job search right now by putting you in touch with one of our specialist partners who are on the look for qualified people in various overseas countries.

It's a free service and they'll be happy to answer questions about the job market where you are going including pay and current vacancies.

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