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Are you longing for the iconic skyline of Chicago, the rolling prairies of Central Illinois, or the historic charm of Springfield? Illinois awaits, and we’re here to make your move to the Prairie State as seamless as the Chicago River on a calm day.

At PSS International Removals, we understand that relocating to such a diverse state is thrilling. Whether you’re captivated by the bustling streets of Chicago, the agricultural heartland of Illinois, or the cultural richness of its smaller towns, our team is geared to ensure your transition is smooth and free of hurdles.

With Chicago as its crown jewel, Illinois presents many relocation needs for those moving here from the UK. That’s why our international removal services are as vast and varied as the state. From relocating to the Windy City’s urban sprawl to assisting individuals with their specific moving requirements in the serene Illinois countryside, we’ve tailored our services to meet every individual’s needs.

When you opt for us, you’re choosing a trusted removal company. A dedicated move manager will be with you at every turn, ensuring you’re backed and supported from packing your first item to settling into your Illinois residence.

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Removal service to Chicago, Illinois

Our extensive track record makes us the top pick for those aiming to effortlessly transition to Chicago or any part of Illinois when moving from the UK. Every move is a distinct chapter, and we’re dedicated to ensuring yours is penned flawlessly.

To aid you in this new endeavour, our team is always on standby for in-depth consultations to discuss the nuances of your move. Your personal relocation specialist will be your navigator, steering you through the intricacies, answering questions, and ensuring every aspect is meticulously addressed.

We recognise that your belongings are more than just possessions. That’s why our team is trained to handle everything with the utmost care and precision, from your valued keepsakes to your daily essentials. With cutting-edge packing methods and an unwavering focus on safety, rest assured your items will be pristine in Illinois.

So, if the allure of a new chapter in Illinois, with the vibrant city of Chicago at its core, resonates with you, let PSS International Removals be your compass on this exciting move to the US.

International removals to Chicago and Illinois

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Complete Guide to Household Removals to Chicago and Illinois from the UK

Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about overseas removals to Chicago and Illinois. There is much to consider, so we allocated a Move Manager to guide you through the removal process.

How Long Do Removals to Chicago, Illinois Take?

How Much Do International Removals to Chiacgo, Illinois Cost?

What are the pros and cons of moving to Illinois?

For Brits considering a move to Chicago, the city offers a mix of architectural wonders, a rich arts scene, and a deep-rooted sports culture symbolised by teams like the Chicago Bulls. The city’s culinary offerings are vast, with deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs being iconic dishes.

Chicago’s music scene, especially its blues and jazz, is world-renowned. However, relocating to Chicago has its downsides. The city is known for its chilly winters, with lake-effect snow commonly occurring. While the city offers many activities, it also grapples with high crime in certain areas. The cost of living can vary, with some neighbourhoods being quite pricey.

Despite these challenges, many from the UK find Chicago’s cultural depth, lakeside beauty, and Midwestern warmth a compelling reason to call it home.

Where to live in llinois?

Illinois, with its mix of industries, presents a multifaceted job market. As the state’s primary economic engine, Chicago offers many employment opportunities. The city is a significant financial hub, with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and numerous banks and financial institutions headquartered there.

Though not as dominant as in the past, manufacturing still plays a vital role in the city’s economy. The tech sector in Chicago is growing, with a demand for software engineers, data analysts, and tech entrepreneurs. Healthcare, anchored by institutions like the University of Chicago Medical Center, provides a range of roles from clinical to administrative.

The city’s rich arts and culture scene also means design, music, and performing arts opportunities. For UK professionals eyeing Chicago, leveraging the city’s professional networks and attending industry-specific events can be beneficial in securing the right job.

What are the jobs in demand in Illinois?

How is the education in Illinois?

What are the fun activities to do in Illinois?