Shipping to Australia

At PSS, we're experts in international shipping to Australia and have fast become one of the leading shipping companies for overseas shipping. We always provide an outstanding service and unbeatable shipping costs.

For over 33 years we have been providing cheap shipping to Australia whether it is a small shipment for an individual or a load for a whole family. Our shipping from UK to Australia service has enabled anything from 1 bag to be sent via Airfreight or a whole house shipment in multiple containers that requires a Sea Freight service.

We can ship goods to Australia to all the major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and many more.

Door to Door shipping to Australia

We like to make the process of sending items to Australia from the UK as easy as can be. Therefore, when you choose PSS as your shipping company for shipping personal effects overseas, we take care of everything from door to door. To be certain of safe delivery of your Australia removals, we provide packaging materials and also assist in the packing process. We will handle the custom clearance arrangements required on both ends when shipping to Australia, and we will personally deliver your removals to the required Australia address.

Why Choose PSS for shipping to Australia

We're honoured members of the FIDI Global Alliance for shipping items to Australia from the UK and accredited by the FAIM quality standard for overseas shipping, so you can be rest assured you're in good hands.

We thrive off providing a professional yet friendly service and always work hard to meet your needs. This is echoed in our reputation as the UK's first choice for shipping to Australia, and we would love to help you too! When you choose PSS to ship to Australia, we will always make taking care of your items and the safe delivery of your shipment our main priority.

Shipping costs to Australia

The shipping costs to Australia are based solely on how much you are shipping overseas from the UK, and at PSS we offer an unmatched price. We're also backed by the IMMI Payment Guarantee scheme.

If you're considering shipping to Australia from the UK, get your instant quote today or call us on 0800 988 3711. If you just want more information on how to send a shipment to Australia you can read our Shipping to Australia FAQs or refer to the shipping documentation.

Standard Boxes
Economy Carton
46 x 46 x 46 cm
3.4 cubic feet kg
Tea Carton
51 x 40 x 61 cm
4.4 cubic feet kg
Book Carton
46 x 46 x 26 cm
1.9 cubic feet kg
Bike Carton
147 x 22 x 96 cm
10.9 cubic feet kg
Guitar kg
Skis kg
Snowboard kg
Computer Monitor kg
Surfboard kg
Golf Clubs kg
Tool Box kg
Picture / Mirrors kg
Packages Weight (kg) Length Width Height Units
Your Details

Why Choose PSS International Removals in May 2015?

  • Free home survey
  • Family run business for over 30 years!
  • We only handle Overseas Shipping and Removals
  • B.A.R Overseas (Bonded by the British Association of Removals)
  • I.M.M.I (Payment Guarantee)
  • F.I.D.I Global Alliance (Worldwide Moving Association)
  • F.A.I.M Accredited (Removal Quality Assurance Standard

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